"Kharkiv Legal Bureau" provides private clients and legal entities with qualified legal services in Kharkiv.

In case you, having addressed to us, do not receive exhaustive information about your question and ways to resolve this issue, legal advice in Kharkov, in our office, will be provided to you free of charge.

An individual approach to each client, confidentiality and work only at 100% result, distinguish us from a number of companies of similar orientation.

A wide range of specialization makes it possible to make the most correct and effective decisions in legal matters of any magnitude. We have assembled a unique team of highly professional specialists with specializations in various fields of law and applied fields. With our help, timely access to a lawyer, notary, private performer, appraiser, state registrar allows you to get the best possible result at the best possible cost.

The orderly work of our professionals, collegial decision-making on the conduct of work in non-standard situations and the analysis of existing practice, lead our specialists to achieve their goals.

We stand by:

A Commitment to Excellence

While the yearly number of cases which we take totals to an insurmountable number, unparalleled by any other Kharkiv law firm, our percentage of wins is record-breaking too… Just to drop some statistics here, in more than 9000 cases that we have ever taken on, a whopping 98% of those (which is 9800+) were the cases which we eventually won…

A Passion for Justice

With our legal principles and our desire for justice being our first and foremost value, we always try to diversify the range of cases which we take on. That is perfectly shown when you notice that our civil/business cases are divided absolutely evenly. That means that besides helping good, big and small businesses we also help thousands of small men and women!

An Urge for Fair Pricing

On par with our passion for justice and excellence, the third work ethic which we stand by is the fair pricing. While we have the most winning cases as opposed to any other Kharkiv law firm, we’ve also got the lowest pricing among them all. That is due to the simple fact, that in our opinion, a decent lawyer should charge a price that is nation-wide affordable!

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