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Any litigation

It is very difficult to name the civil or commercial area of ​​litigation in which we do not provide our services. Starting from labor and employment laws, insurance & individual disputes to assist individuals and ending with real estate law, business arbitration, mergers and acquisitions for commercial and business entities ... Our extensive team of lawyers will be happy to provide you with first-class legal services and defend your interests in court, or by confidential settlement in your favor ...

98% cases won

Our track record is higher than that of the best MLB pitchers! We’ve won or settled cases in clients favor a whopping percentage of times we’ve handled – over 98%… That required us to put a lot of effort, timely diligence and an incredible range of legal wit, but we did it! So regardless of you needing a civil or commercial litigation services, be sure that with our company in charge of your legal interests the chance to win is 98 out of 100! We’ve never been settling for a defeat in any of our cases, sometimes fighting all the way, up to the state’s and country’s Supreme Courts, winning there!

Timely & Affordable

We have already told you that we work with a lot of civil and commercial disputes and win these business literally all the time, but there are two more advantages to hiring our law firm ... First, we never waste our clients time - for paperwork or for the accumulation of stocks of the case, causing a hearing in court. We have an extensive team of lawyers and this resource always works so that your interests can be effectively defended and your business won as quickly as possible legally. In addition, we are proud to be a law firm with one of the most affordable pricing policies in Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine.

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