Contract work

In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, an agreement is an agreement of two or more parties aimed at establishing, changing or terminating certain rights and obligations. Drafting and drafting a contract, a procedure that requires appropriate knowledge, skills, practical and theoretical legal basis. The contract must meet all the requirements of current legislation, transparently reflect the true intentions of the parties involved and fully regulate all kinds of relations between them.

The range of services in the contract area, provided by our lawyers:

• Consultation with a specialist in contractual matters;
• Drafting legal documents on contractual relations;
• Drawing up exclusive and specific contracts;
• Pre-trial settlement of disputes on contractual matters;
• Drawing up claims under the contract and making claims;
• Preparation of a claim on a dispute with contracts;
• Provision of a principal in a court in a dispute in the field of contract law.

Disputes in the field of contractual relations arise quite often. Often legal entities are faced with the non-fulfillment of certain conditions of the agreement of one of the parties to the concluded contract. Our experienced lawyers will help you to defend your rights, resolve disputable issues by resorting to both judicial and pre-trial settlement of the conflict.

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