High-quality legal assistance

A team of practitioners provides full legal support for the activities of business entities and the lives of individuals. We can provide high-quality legal advice, the results of which, together with the client, work out the optimal concept of further actions and, if necessary, provide the services of a lawyer, a lawyer in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. By contacting us, you can use the services of a notary in Kharkov, order a real estate valuation and get a number of other related services.

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Judicial protection

You can contact us for help at any stage of the process and a lawyer will effectively represent your interests at all stages of the trial in the courts of first, appellate and cassation instances. The right strategy and thorough preparation, including rigorous selection of evidence, often ensures that we achieve a positive result. Various pricing concepts provide for the possibility of paying the fee only when the goal is achieved. We can also quickly assess the possibility of the enforcement of a court decision and make the most of this opportunity, cooperating with private performers.

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Registration of real estate, inheritance, corporate rights

By contacting us, you can get comprehensive advice on inheritance, registration of residential and non-residential premises, land, holding general meetings of participants (shareholders), state registration of corporate rights and changes in the EGRPOU. Cooperating with notaries of Kharkiv, we can greatly facilitate the process of obtaining an inheritance in Kharkiv, real estate registration, land registration in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, issue changes to the Unified State Registration Program of Legal Entities, and hold a general meeting.

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Business litigation has always been what our competitors were using to suppress us. But as soon as we’ve hired this law firm, which by the way had fees 5 times lower than the…
Nicholas Walters
At last I found these guys! Finally, 3 months later the truth and the law prevailed, all thanks to this firm’s lawyers diligence! We finally had all the disputes resolved in our favor!
Sarah Hayes
As the one who recently suffered from the FELA (Federal Employers’ Liability Act Claims) related issues, I’ve been desperate to find a firm who could have won my case…
Eduardo Martinez

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