Labor dispute resolution

Being the successor of the law of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has determined that Soviet legislation is valid in a part that does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine. And if in the field of economic relations the legal field has changed beyond recognition, then in the field of labor relations, the Labor Code of 1971 and some orders and resolutions of the thirties of the last century are still significantly modified. Accumulated since Soviet times, the volume of existing or partially existing legal acts can often be a dead end even for a lawyer.

Having significant theoretical and practical developments in the field of labor law, we can answer the questions of how to get a job or how to quit, what is the right amount of your salary, or whether the right liability takes place.

With our help, you can:

- to recover arrears on accrued and non-accrued wages with compensation payments
- to challenge the dismissal, bringing to disciplinary or liability
- challenge the order or other act of the employer
- make an employment contract incl. the contract
- to legalize hired workers

Other services in the field of labor law are also provided. We are ready to provide services when considering labor disputes by the labor dispute committee. There is experience in resolving collective labor disputes.

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