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Since the end of 2017, new procedural legislation has been in force in Ukraine, which has significantly changed the judicial process. For example, now, after filing a claim, the defendant has the right to provide the court with a response, to which the claimant has the right to provide an answer. If the claimant responded to the response, the defendant has the right to file objections. The appeal and cassation review of the case can now take place at the discretion of the court without summoning the parties, and in the court of first instance mediation is possible.

Our experience in representing interests in criminal, civil, economic and administrative processes makes it possible with a high degree of probability to predict the prospects for judicial consideration of a case and to make maximum use of procedural mechanisms to protect the rights of a client.

By contacting us you can get the following services:

- lawyer services in Kharkiv, Kharkiv region, in the territory of Ukraine
- the services of a lawyer in criminal proceedings
- lawyer services in the business process
- lawyer services in civil proceedings
- the services of a lawyer in the administrative process
- The services of a lawyer in cases of accident
- services of a lawyer in tax disputes
- lawyer services in the division of inheritance, challenging a will
- lawyer's services in collecting alimony
- lawyer debt collection
- the services of a lawyer for labor disputes
- lawyer's services in insurance disputes
- services of a private performer in Kharkov

With decisions on some of our lawsuits you can find in the relevant section on our website. For permission to publish the results of the trial on our website, the client receives a 5% discount on the price of our services.

We are ready to work effectively in your case. We have a flexible pricing system, one of the options for which is to pay the fee only when a predetermined result is achieved. It is worth noting that in this case the client’s obligations to pay the fee are secured by a deposit or by taking funds into the notary’s deposit.

If the judgment has already been rendered, but has not yet been executed, we can contribute to its execution. As part of the executive actions, the private executor has the right to order the debiting of funds from the debtor’s bank accounts, arrest and dispose of the debtor’s property, prohibit an individual debtor from traveling abroad, and also perform a number of other actions. After analyzing the financial status of the debtor, we use all the possibilities for the execution of a court decision.

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