Accompanying the consequences of an car accident

Since the car is an object of increased danger, causing damage to it leads to the responsibility of its owner or the person who drove the vehicle. Questions of the guilt of a person in violation of the rules of the road are considered in the manner of bringing the person to administrative or criminal liability on the basis of documents drawn up by the police, and the damage caused to the property - in civil or economic proceedings at the request of the person who suffered the damage.

The correct algorithm of actions in case of an accident will allow you to compensate for the damage caused, to avoid additional costs and get insurance compensation.

We can help you analyze the current situation taking into account the laws and rules of the road, represent your interests when dealing with the police, insurance companies, appraisers, etc., providing both individual services and case management on a turnkey basis.

If necessary, on behalf of the client, the lawyer can go directly to the accident scene.

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