Maintenance of the inheritance procedure

General issues of inheritance are among the most stable in the legislation of Ukraine. At the same time, the diversity of life situations and ambiguous legal regulation in certain periods leads to the fact that for effective and predictable inheritance, it is necessary to appeal to a specialist. Such a specialist may be a notary.

It should be noted that by turning to a certain notary for opening your application as the heir to the hereditary case, you will not be able to change such a notary in the future and, if the latter refuses to issue you inheritance documents, you will be able to inherit exclusively in court. In practice, the reasons for refusal may be both legal (unauthorized construction, lack of a cadastral number for a land plot) or questionable from a legal point of view, but at the same time actually having the same consequences.

Turning to us, you can learn about all the possible risks and consider various scenarios. In this case, you can arrange inheritance for two visits, instructing us to comply with formalities.

In the area of ​​inheritance, you can get the following services:

- to issue an inheritance in Kharkov
- representation of interests in inheritance disputes: division of property between heirs, recognition of property rights
- representation in disputes on invalidation of a will
- representation of interests at the admission of term in the inheritance
- issue inheritance of real estate in Kharkov
- to issue the inheritance of land in Kharkov
- issue a will
- to issue the inheritance located in the temporarily occupied territory
- to issue an inheritance on samostroy
- issue the facts of kinship, living by one family without registration of marriage, the fact of death, dependency, acceptance of inheritance

The services listed above are not the full range of our activities. If the achievement of your task is possible, we will definitely achieve it.

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