Debt collection

Effective debt collection in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, i.e. Receiving money based on previously existing overdue liabilities depends on a number of objective and subjective circumstances. The absence of property and incomes by the debtor, unlawful actions of the debtor or another person, the incomplete use of their rights and opportunities - this is not a complete list of circumstances that could make the actual recovery impossible.

At the same time, the actual collection is absolutely impossible to do only the absolute absence of property, which can be levied.

We can help you collect the debt on a receipt, recover the debt on alimony or execute the court decision. The beginning of the work will be preceded by a corresponding analytical work, on the basis of which the customer will be able to independently determine a plan for further actions.

Representing the interests of the debtor, our specialists will exercise control over the legality of the enforcement proceedings, if necessary, will challenge decisions, actions or inaction of the state contractor or a third party.

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