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An integral part of the interaction between people are transactions. And if some transactions, such as the purchase of a ballpoint pen, are forgotten immediately after the commission, others, such as acquiring production facilities or determining the place of residence of the child, can significantly change life. At the same time, for each transaction, for each type of contract, the current legislation of Ukraine has defined a more or less significant list of conditions necessary for the contract to be considered concluded and valid.

Our lawyers will help to formalize the transaction in full compliance with the provisions of the law, both in terms of the content of the contract and in procedural matters, which will ensure the legal force of the agreement. By submitting your draft contract or by analyzing the draft proposed by the other party, we will be able to prepare an option that best meets the interests of the customer.

If you need a notarial certification, a property valuation, and receipt of other documents to complete the transaction, you can entrust all the work in preparing the transaction to us.

You can order the following services from us:

- prepare an agreement, contract, agreement, protocol of disagreements, protocol of settlement of disagreements, additional agreement
- notarially certify the transaction in Kharkov
- arrange purchase and sale of real estate in Kharkov
- to arrange the sale of land in Kharkov
- prepare a contract for the supply, lease, execution of works, provision of services
- draw up an agreement on the place of residence of the child, on participation in raising a child, on child support
- accompaniment of registration of state and municipal property rent
- support of the public procurement procedure
- support of privatization
- obtain extraction (extract) from the state land cadastre
- obtain an extract (extract) from the unified state register of real rights to real estate
- get a certificate of family composition
- obtain the consent of the guardianship and custody authority for the transaction

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