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Entrepreneurial activity, according to the definition from our legislation, is an activity at our own risk, which clearly demonstrates reality. Inspections of law enforcement and regulatory authorities significantly burden the owners and management of enterprises and can have a negative impact directly on economic activity.

We provide a full range of legal services for both planning future activities and resolving existing issues. With our help, the owner or management will be able to legitimate optimization of economic activity.

Our lawyers and lawyers are able to defend the rights during the pre-trial investigation, inspections of regulatory authorities, in disputes over receivables, tax disputes, disputes with employees, etc. Properly organized contract work will minimize losses from unscrupulous counterparties, streamlining the workflow system will ensure a strong position in the labor dispute, and the organization of claim work will allow you to respond to possible risks in a timely manner. In addition, the execution of court decisions, especially significant in price, also requires professional support. There are often cases when the management of an enterprise, having submitted documents to the state executive service, does not see possible further actions contributing to the execution of court decisions. At this stage, our specialists also provide high-quality legal assistance.

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