Corporate disputes

Membership in societies of various types gives participants a certain amount of rights and may impose additional responsibilities. Answers to the questions of what rights the participants of the company have or what order of exclusion from the company is often contained in the charters of legal entities. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the rules of the charter should not contradict the prescriptions of the current legislation of Ukraine, since in this case such provisions of the charter or approval of a new edition of the charter can be considered invalid with corresponding legal consequences.

In practice, most often there are disputes about exclusion from the structure of a limited liability company. The established judicial practice on this and a number of other issues of the activities of limited liability companies and joint-stock companies makes it possible to adequately assess the possibilities of protecting corporate rights and apply correct methods to restore them.

If illegal decisions or actions of other members of the company or the registrar damage your rights or interests, with our help, you can appeal such decisions in a judicial and administrative procedure.

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